jueves, 28 de junio de 2012

OSHO Now or Never

Dear Friends,

We need your support, we might have differences but we all love our Master Osho and the place that we all created. Please help us that we all can afford to enter that place again. — con Swami Chaitanya Keerti, Shola Carletti, Jivan Utsav

martes, 26 de junio de 2012

Osho Friends, Pune


Osho Friends, Pune Important Announcements June 2012 With the feeling that all of Osho’s sannyasins and friends around the world are, as always, sharing the Master’s love and blessings…this letter is written. The time has come to make some important announcements. All efforts up till now to settle our differences wit...h the present trustees and administrators of the Osho Ashram, Pune – now branded as Osho International Meditation Resort – are failing. You can view the details of these several court cases on the website wwwdotoshoworkdotorg The present administrators consist of: the management team and the trustees who are being controlled by Mr. Michael O'Byrne (Byrne) alias Swami Jayesh, Dr. John Andrews alias George Meredith alias Swami Prem Amrito, Mr. Darcy O'Byrne (Byrne) alias Swami Yogendra and Mukesh Sarda alias Swami Mukesh Bharti. Our hope is that Osho’s work and this place shall soon flourish again with the presence of thousands of friends, all sharing in the Master’s energy. We would very much like to rejuvenate the meditation programs and those of Osho Multiversity, which has almost closed down. We look forward to greater participation of the present administrators in coming times. Rather than staying alienated from each other, we know; we could co-operatively work together to jointly produce a better scheme for how this place could be run more openly and efficiently. As part of our fundamental manifesto, we propose that: A - It is each and every Osho sannyasins’ right to visit Osho's Samadhi and meditation places in the Ashram in Pune at reasonable entry fees. Inasmuch as, the present administrators have taken charge of Osho’s legacy, it is one of their obligations to fulfil this. If the present administrators are not willing or able to realize Osho's dream – then they should bow out gracefully and leave it to those who will! If they choose to continue to play power games, then the court of law will replace them in due course. B- The trustees and administrators should always remember that they are not the owners of Osho’s legacy; rather they are only its custodians. Any conspiracy to damage Osho’s work, vision and legacy shall not be tolerated. This is to inform all our friends that if our extensive efforts to resolve differences amicably fail, then it is very important to understand what the consequences, which could take place in due course, could be. It is anticipated that: 1. A government appointed committee may investigate into all the matters related to Osho International Foundation (in India and abroad), Neo Sannyas Foundation, Osho Media International, Osho Multimedia and Resorts Private Limited and other such organisations. Their investigations will be slow, steady and accountable. 2. The government may appoint a custodian or a committee to watch the trust matters and financial activities on a daily basis. How unfortunate!: Osho’s disciples and fellow travellers would be governed by the people who have no idea of Osho’s words and silence! 3. Inquiries may take place into Osho’s intellectual property/ copyrights. 4. Inquiries may take place into how the trustees, including Osho’s Inner Circle members (past and present), the management teams and directors of the said organisations are involved in manipulating Osho's legacy. 5. Inquiries may take place into the whereabouts of Osho’s personal belongings, such as his library, his historical documents, the original master copies of his discourses and articles and his paintings and other such personal items. These inquires may include the need to know how these items are handled and by whom. 6. The investigations may lead to much more, which could go way beyond the scope of these predictions. Therefore, we suggest (and would prefer) that: • All parties concerned meet to resolve these matters congenially and wholeheartedly at home, at the earliest. All sannyasins and Osho lovers should ask, write and demand to the present administrators of the said organisations to take urgent steps in the right direction and produce fruitful results. If they fail to settle these matters amicably then only they – the present administrators, trustees and their co-conspirators – will be responsible for any of the above anticipated degradations as and when it occurs. Nobody wants this to happen! Let's all hope that that day will come soon and that we can all enjoy the Master's blessings and be able to meditate and celebrate together again under one roof! For Osho Friends, Pune – Yogesh Thakkar (Swami Premgeet) – Kishor Raval (Swami Anadi)