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27 Informativo NAMASTE
october 2008

Celebrating the Essence
A journey of transformation in Brazil
Dec 2008- March 2009

Brazil is a good place for meetings – here you meet people, Nature, warmth, music… how about meeting yourself here this summer?
Summer at
Osho Rachana Commune Meditation Center is time for celebration. We celebrate Nature, inside and outside, we celebrate the sun, friendship, creativity and the abundant gift of self-discovery.

We open our gates for friends from abroad to escape the winter and join us in this life-celebration. Here we offer the beauty and warmth of our Community, the friendship and fun of fulfilling meetings, and the depth and sensitivity of our work, which leads people through their shadowy corners toward the light of their own human nature.

There are different ways in which you can benefit from our Summer-Journey:

1. If you feel like this is time for a leap, ready to leave behind all what is not you and start fresh a time of trust and openness in your life, you´re in for an Intense Self-Discovery Program. You will set, with the help of one of our counselors, a sequence of sessions, meditation techniques and individual assignments designed to help you move toward your goal.
2. If your thing at the moment is to experiment living in a Community, sharing your days with people from all over the world and all walks of life, you´re welcome to join us as a Helper. You will be invited to help with the daily work in the Community for four hours every day, and have the rest of the time to enjoy the place and the people around as well as the Meditations.
3. If you´re really looking after a great relaxing Holiday time, be our guest! You can join the daily meditations if you like, and choose how you want to spend the day – there won´t be missing stimulating meetings and loads of fun!

The summer package starts in the beginning of December 2008 and goes up to March 1st, 2009. You can come for as long as you like, and you can choose which activities you like to join.

Our summer calendar includes:
Gincana (Dec 9th to Jan 4th)– a 3-week competition among teams which is an overflow of creativity, excitement, friendship and fun!
Maratona de Auto-Conhecimento (Dec 12th to 14th) – a weekend workshop on Bioenergetics which shakes up all stagnancy in your body and helps you back to your energy and awareness.
Pai e Mãe ( Jan 9th to 25th)– this two-week Primal process is an intensive journey through the facts and feelings of your childhood, finding out where you learned conditionings that have been limiting your life ever since and freeing yourself from them.
Bioenergetics Intensive Training modules I (Jan 30th to Feb 14th) and II (Feb 15th to March 1st) – for those who are interested in this profound method of working with people through the body, accessing feelings and liberating consciousness.
*during the Training you can choose to join a trip to the Samba School Parade at Carnival!
In addition to the activities you do here, we will be happy to help you fix a trip to the beach, finding a place to stay and how to get there.
You are very welcome to get in touch to clear up any questions you have or to reserve a place.
With love from Brazil,

Osho Rachana Commune team.
Rua da República, 528 : Cidade Baixa : Porto Alegre : RS : Brasil : Fone 32867485

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