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News Flash: “Osho” is free for all to use

Posted on January 14th, 2009 by sannyasnews
Osho Trademark Decision in

Sannyasnews learn that the US trademark decision came in today.(January 14th).
Readers will remember that Osho Foundation International (OFI) wanted to stop people using the word Osho, and for OFI to have sole rights over it as a trademark. The US Courts decision went against OIF on every trademark contested. Osho International Foundation has until April,09 to appeal, but this only applies in the US. So this is a big start on establishing that the word “Osho” is free for all to use, something which sannyasnews support.
The basis for the decision was that the word Osho is generic and descriptive of meditation techniques and a movement that arose around the teachings of the person Osho. “Osho” isn’t an indicator of the products of
only one company, OIF. The Court ruled that all people involved in Osho’s work have a need and a right to use His name, as He asked them to do.

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