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Beloved Osho Lovers & Friends: This Osho Meditation Intensive will be presented by Ma Dharm Joti, author of the world famous book, One Hundred Tales for Ten Thousand Buddhas. This delightful and fascinating book is about her experiences traveling with Osho through India in the early days. It is a collection of living moments with the living Buddha. Ma Dharm Jyoti accompanied Osho in the very early days when Osho left being a university professor, and traveled around India giving talks to thousands of seekers. These are the tales of those days. Ma Dharm Joti is also closely connected with OshoWorld.com which, as many of you know, provided us all with Osho's discourses FREE of charge for many years until they were prevented from doing so recently by the dastardly Osho International Foundation. I will support and attend this event in Portland, Oregon, USA, July 10-12. The Friday night 1-1/2 hour kick-off of the 3-day event is FREE! The cost for the Saturday and Sunday intensive is $80, which is not set in store if money is an issue for you. The event includes the main meal each day, some snacks and tea. It will be held in a gorgeous location and will be coordinated by Ma Anand Arupo, who I assure you knows how to make events like this happen with expertise, flare and grace. Overnight sleeping-bag accommodations will be possible for $20 more. It's my dream for my up-and-coming Yahoo!group, RiverIIOsho, to have 10,000 members by Osho's birthday, 12/11. With 210 active members currently, we are well on our way! Join us NOW and help us make it so. All Osho lovers and friends are heartily welcome! Send me your email address and I'll send you a personal invitation. Or simply join at
Peace, Love, & Blissfulness, Swami Amrit Subhuti
Rajneesh, Oregon USA ps: One Hundred Tales for Ten Thousand Buddhas by Ma Dharm Joti, is now available on-line, FREE of charge, at http://www.oshoworld.com/tales/introduction.asp

Portland USA
July 10-12 An invitation to explore a new way of life. Each moment in our lives, we are at a crossroad: between unawareness and awareness, between being absent or being present. The mindlives in a sort of sleep.
Friday evening no cost: 7pm-8:30pm

Introduction, Osho meditation, singing and dancing

Saturday: 8am-8pm Sunday: 8am-4pm

In this weekend intensive, we will have another look at our lives and will experiment with some of the choosen techniques devised by Osho to rediscover our real being in its innocence and purity. Finding our real being is the greatest achievement in spirituality, then each moment is celebration. Let us meditate and celebrate together.


Saturday and Sunday: $80 includes the main meal each day, some snacks, tea and water. Possible to bring a sleeping bag and spend the night Saturday for an additional $20. Price adjustments are possible.
Arupo 503.493.9043 Sarbjit 503.519.8199

The Little Church, 5138 NE 23rd Ave (just north of Alberta), Portland, OR 97211 Ma Dharm Jyoti
Ma Dharm Jyoti is one of Osho's first disciples during his time in Bombay. She is the author of the internationally renowned book, One Hundred Tales for Ten Thousand Buddhas. She has been traveling all over the world leading meditation camps and groups.

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