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Portland July 10th-12th 2009

Portland July 10th-12th
An invitation to join Ma Dharm Jyoti to explore a new way of life. Each moment in our lives, we are at a crossroad: between unawareness and awareness, between being absent or being present. The mind lives in a sort of sleep. Now is the moment to wake up!
Friday evening no cost: 7pm-8:30pm Introduction, Osho meditation, singing and dancing
Saturday: 8am-8pm Sunday: 8am-4pm
In this weekend intensive, we will have another look at our lives and will experiment with some of the chosen techniques devised by Osho to rediscover our real being in its innocence and purity.
Finding our real being is the greatest achievement in spirituality, then each moment is celebration. Let us meditate and celebrate together. Cost:
Saturday and Sunday: $80 includes the main meal each day, some snacks, tea and water. Possible to bring a sleeping bag and spend the night Saturday for an additional $20. Price adjustments are possible.
Arupo 503.493.9043
Sarbjit 503.519.8199
The Little Church, 5138 NE 23rd Ave (just north of Alberta), Portland, OR 97211
Ma Dharm Jyoti is one of Osho's first disciples during his time in Mumbai in the late 60's.
She wrote One Hundred Tales for Ten Thousand Buddhas, precious accounts of her time with him then.
She offers meditation camps in Europe, Russia, Japan and now for the second time, in the US and Canada.

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