miércoles, 14 de septiembre de 2011

Osho Shunya Deep Meditation Centre

Life is a school:

We are here to learn something
And the most important thing is to learn
How to sing, how to dance, how to rejoice;
And all that becomes possible through meditation.
Meditation releases all those energies in you.
And thousands of flowers
Start blooming in you being.
Then paradise is not more after death,
Then paradise is now and here.
And when paradise is now and here
Only then it is a truth. My sannyasins live here and now.
I don't teach any futureI teach only the present
And meditation is the way to live in the present
To be totally in tune with the present.
Forgetting the past because it is no more
And dropping the future because it is not yet
And living in the real, that which is -
-That is the door to the ultimate.-Osho
Osho Shunya Deep Meditation Centre
*Swami Jagdish Bharti *
*A-4/16 Meera Nagar, Lane no 7, Koregaon Park
Osho City 411001 (Pune, Maharashtra) India.
Tel: (0091 20) 26151187. Mob. No. 09326821803
* Email: shunya@vsnl.net

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